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Your order will not be submitted until payment has been received in full. Payment can be made by EFT, please contact us for banking details.
We process orders every Tuesday, please try and submit your order before Monday evenings to avoid a further week being added to your delivery time. Delivery is 1 - 3 weeks.
Please note that orders placed in November, December, January can have a delivery time of 2 - 3 weeks due to the year end rush which causes a huge overload on our production / delivery times.
However, we always endeavour to get the labels out to the customer as fast as we can.
Once the order is ready and it has been posted/couriered to you a tracking number will be sent by email.

-  The stickers/labels are only available in the quantities and colours indicated on the website. Requests can be done but then become customised orders and may incur and artwork/setup fee per of between R50 and R250.
-  You can only have one name per pack - i.e. 100 Stickers for JULIA PERRY and not 100 Stickers split into 30 - JULIA PERRY, 30 - DYLAN PERRY and 40 - RYAN PERRY.
-  If your names are short enough we can put two names on one label or we can insert it with an initial, then the surname and another initial if you want to split a pack between two children.
-  When choosing an icon or theme for your stickers/labels please be aware that the sticker/label will be a white background with coloured text and the icon. We cannot print the icons onto a coloured background, with the exception of icon no 020 - 024. 


Q. Why are my stickers coming off in the dishwasher ?

Please ensure that the surface you are applying the sticker to is completely smooth, clean and dry. If the surface has a slight texture the sticker will not adhere properly causing it to come off.
You should not wash the item for 24 hours after first application, you need to allow the glue to adhere properly and putting it into the dishwasher soon after will not allow this and the sticker will come off.
When applying a sticker please rub the sticker on with downward pressure ensure maximum adhesion.  If you are applying the sticker to a juice bottle rather place the sticker vertically rather than horizontally, it stays on longer that way.

Q. Why are my magic tape labels coming off in the washing machine / tumble drier ?

You need to ensure that the label has completely melted into the item of clothing when applying it with the iron. If this does not happen the label will come off in the washing machine.
You must switch the steam off on your iron when applying the labels and make sure your iron is hot. If you are worried about it being too hot, then rather make it a bit cooler but iron the label on for longer.
Magic Tape Labels can withstand a hot wash of up to 60 degrees Celsius only !
NB - you cannot iron magic tape labels, transfers, letter transfers and woven labels onto quantex or lycra, it does not adhere. You have to iron the label onto the clothing tag if there is one or iron it onto cotton tape and sew it onto the item.

Q. Why are my woven labels coming off in the washing machine / tumble drier ?

These labels should have a stitch sewn into each corner to ensure that this does not occur.
When the item of clothing is washed the woven label does lift very slightly from the clothing and for this reason it is highly recommended to iron over the label every time after washing.
Woven Tape Labels can withstand a hot wash of up to 60 degrees Celsius only !