Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Why are my stickers coming off in the dishwasher ? Please ensure that the surface you are applying the sticker to is completely smooth, clean and dry.  If the surface has a slight texture the sticker will not adhere properly causing it to come off. Your should not wash the item for 24 hours after first application as you need to allow the glue to adhere properly and putting it into the dishwasher too soon will not allow this to happen and the sticker will come off. When applying a sticker please rub the sticker on with downward pressure to ensure maximum adhesion. If you are applying a sticker to a juice bottle rather place the sticker vertically rather than horizontally as it does stay on longer that way.

  2. Why are my magic tape iron on clothing labels coming off in the washing machine ? You need to ensure that the label has completely melted into the item of clothing when applying it with the iron. If this does not happen the label will come off in the washing machine. You must switch the steam off on your iron when applying the labels and make sure your iron is hot. If you are worried about it being too hot, the rather make it a bit cooler but iron the label on for longer. Magic Tape Labels can withstand a hot wash up to 60°C only. Please note that you cannot iron magic tape labels and woven labels onto Quantex and Lyrcra as they do not adhere to the material. You need to iron it onto the clothing tag or iron it onto cotton tape and sew it onto the clothing item.

  3. Why are my woven labels coming off in the washing machine ? The labels should have a stitch sewn into each corner to ensure that this does not occur. When the item of clothing is washing the woven label does lift very slightly from the clothing and for this reason it is highly recommended that you iron over the label after every wash. Woven Labels can withstand a hot wash up to 60°C only.

  4. It is very important to note that chemicals can react with the colour print on the sticker. We have noted that Miltons changes the colour of the sticker and the chemicals in sunscreen also has an effect on the print. 2020 UPDATE – As our hands are now always covered in a 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, especially kids at school who have to sanitise regularly, this is a factor to consider when using our stickers on water bottles, juice bottles or any item frequently handled. The alcohol in the sanitiser interacts with the ink and causes fading to occur. Every order sent out includes clear stickers which are to be placed over the printed sticker for extra protection to the print.  Please make sure to use these, even more so now than before.